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With all the different opinions on what is healthy what is not it can be a challenge to figure out what healthy cooking oil to choose for your recipes. Any cooking oil will contain a high concentration of fat. Oil is fat. But, many nutritionists and scientists have studied and come to the conclusion that our bodies need some fat and, in fact, there are good fats and bad fats. In their opinion then, healthy cooking oil contains the good fats as do bananas and avocados. Certain foods contain fats that will help improve our skin, nails, hair and a number of other parts of our bodies.

Anything that has a high fat content though should be used in moderation. Yes, healthy cooking oil is essential in many health specialists’ eyes, but all the same do not overload your food in it or else you will gain weight. The bottom line is that if you consume more calories and fat than you burn off you will gain weight. Even if you are eating the best, healthiest foods possible, if you are eating too much of them and not burning calories, your body will show you the difference.

How do you know which oil is a healthy cooking oil? Research and asking questions is always a great way to find out. Some people believe peanut oil, canola oil and olive oil are the best and healthiest oils to choose. Some might disagree. How will you know? Like with anything in life, it is important to get as many facts and feedback as possible about something and then make an educated decision.

Without specializing in the field of health nutrition it is difficult to know the minute varying differences between different oils, but it is possible to get an idea from reading about those who have studied oils and whether you see a pattern of many people saying the same things about the same healthy cooking oil. Consistency from people of varying, vastly different backgrounds can truly help solidify your questions and concerns.

Still not sure, why not ask the specialists yourself? You can always call up a personal trainer, a nutritionist, or other specialist and ask their opinion. You can also ask them how often they use healthy cooking oil and even ask them what they use it in. Why not? Asking questions is one of the surest ways to learn! If the person has time he or she will give you the best answer they can for they want your business and you can also be a good word of mouth for them.

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